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Why use a Buyer’s Agent?


It is easy to become emotional or attached when buying or selling property, however having Tracy as a trusted advisor enables clients to stay clear headed and focused on their goals. Transacting real estate is a role that Tracy performs every day, so she is there every step of the way giving advice and ensuring that her clients experience a stress free and successful property deal. She has assisted many clients, advising them against purchasing the wrong property or overpaying for the right one. In a selling scenario, Tracy works to secure the best agent for the job and acts as a conduit between the client and the agent, advising them so the best outcome can be achieved.


Sourcing and purchasing a suitable property is time consuming, therefore, using Tracy to do your bidding for you (literally!) is a great way to free up time that is better spent elsewhere. Tracy saves you the disappointment of missing out and wasted hours on the phone and internet while she does the work for you; locating, evaluating, vetting, inspecting and reporting on suitable properties, so you only need to consider those opportunities that most closely meet your needs. Her aim is to gain the lowest possible price and most favourable terms and conditions for buyers. If you’re selling property, Tracy works as your independent advocate liaising with the agent, advising you on fair market value, commission rates, marketing campaigns and budgets, styling options and inspections. Most importantly, when an offer is made, she advises you on your options.

If you are selling, avoid the agent’s sales pitches, dialogues and scripts while Tracy liaises with them on your behalf. Imagine selling your home and never having to cross paths with the agent! Tracy does all the work for you, cutting through the spin on things (not all agents of course!) and advising you of how the situation really is. As a vendor advocate, Tracy enjoys working with seniors, who are often left in a vulnerable position when selling their homes.


Tracy has exceptional negotiating skills and knows when to let a deal go if it’s not in her client’s favour. Unlike some buyers, it’s Tracy’s business so she doesn’t get emotionally attached to properties, and knowing the Brisbane market so well, she’s been known to walk away on many an occasion in search of another opportunity. When a deal is imminent, Tracy negotiates in her clients’ best interests. When Tracy represents a vendor, she negotiates to obtain the best price and conditions for her clients.



For interstate and expatriate buyers, where inspections are impossible, Tracy offers the perfect ‘on the ground’ solution.  Her ‘walk through’ videos, provided to all clients, enables the purchaser to see what she sees at each inspection. It’s the perfect tool to make an informed decision. Supplement this with the added value of Tracy’s experience and you save time, effort and money.

(We recommend expatriates visit the Foreign Investment Review Board website before they purchase property in Australia. Click on for more information.)

Queensland investment property owners are often interstate and overseas and require a local vendor advocate who manages the sales transaction on their behalf. Tracy acts on their behalf taking the risk out of selling property from arm’s length.


We do not make promises that she will save you lots of money and obtain a discount on every property purchase. Certainly, there are times that we may be in this position, however in Brisbane’s rising market, buyers may not save anything more off the purchase price than you would have without using a strong negotiator. However, there are numerable other benefits associated with using Cherish Property. Buyers can ensure that they avoid the mistake of overpaying, purchasing the wrong property or completing a contract that is not in their favour. Having someone who is biased on your behalf, safeguards you against some of the pitfalls of property purchases, and it is her belief that if she assists clients with buying the right property and it increases in value in line with their expectations, then her fee is paid for over and over again.

Likewise, for vendors selling property, it’s important that clients are vigilant with regards to selling. Most people only sell a few times in their lifetime and keeping on top of the market is specialised. We eliminate the risk that many vendors take in choosing the wrong agent, agreeing with an unnecessary marketing campaign or accepting an offer that isn’t in their best interests.


Would you make a significant investment decision without consulting a financial adviser? Purchasing property presents equally important opportunities and risks, and inadvertently many buyers purchase an unsuitable property or overpay as a result of having a lack of resources, inadequate local knowledge of areas, completing insufficient due diligence or getting emotionally attached. Purchasing property something most people only do a few times in their lives, therefore it is essential that discerning buyers seek out professional, expert advice and engage us with our local knowledge of the market they are looking to purchase in.

We have the experience, knowledge, patience, tools, contacts and time to navigate the market effectively. She spends a great deal of time locating and inspecting properties, liaising with real estate agents and property professionals. Purchasing property is not something you want to get wrong, so, by engaging Tracy, clients have the confidence that comes with having an experienced property partner navigate the market on your behalf.

Whether you are buying a home to live in or building to a property investment portfolio, Tracy ensures the service and result you receive exceeds expectations.


Many clients we speak to really don’t know a lot about purchasing or selling property, and for those venturing into property investment for the first time, the detail can prove too much.

  • What type of property should I buy?
  • Is it the right time to sell?
  • What is the market value of the property?
  • What conditions do I put in the contract to protect me but are also designed to win the deal?
  • Where do I start looking for a Property Manager? What questions do I ask?
  • What’s happening in the local area?
  • What’s the rental potential?
  • Should I renovate?
  • What is the history of the property?
  • Do I invest for capital gains or rental return?
  • What is the vacancy rate of the area?
  • Who is the competition?
  • Is there a Body Corporate and how do I get the records?

All of these are valid questions and need to be answered, but how does an inexperienced purchaser navigate this unfamiliar territory? The good news is you won’t have to. We are your partner and advocate throughout the process and manages the purchase or sale on your behalf, keeping you informed along the way. You learn a lot, so next time it won’t be so daunting.


Selling agents are more frank and honest with us for a variety of reasons.

As a buyer’s advocate:

  • Our clients are serious purchasers. They have invested in the process through the payment of the Tracy’s fee. They are ready to buy.
  • Our clients are finance qualified. There is much less likely likelihood that a contract is terminated on a finance clause.
  • We are trustworthy. She has dealt with countless sales agents in Brisbane and has earned her place in the real estate industry as reliable and professional.
  • We are professional. Sales agents prefer to deal with her as opposed to an unknown buyer. Unknown buyers are unpredictable, and we alway respects the sales agent and the process.
  • We speak to, and meet with countless agents every week. She knows the questions to ask and has ways of ‘working the system’ to gain the most insight about a property. Information is forthcoming as it is likely the sales agent wants to foster a positive relationship in the hope that we purchase more property from their agency. It’s also a professional courtesy since there is every chance they could end up working together again.

As a vendor’s advocate:

  • Our clients are serious sellers.
  • It’s a professional relationship so sales agents don’t need to embellish the truth. We have the same data that sales agents have access to so they stick to the facts.
  • Cherish Property and the sales agent want the same outcome – a successful sale for the client.
  • Agents appreciate the value we bring in supporting sound business decisions made by the agent.